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Why Do I Love you Lord?

I worked at a factory where I was in charge of running the department of running several machines.

Well, I met a woman named Antonia which came to help out in my area. She was a Christian and she told me her testimony about how GOD transformed her from a low life person to a life give child of GOD. Antonia asked me if I would accept the Lord and I told her I wasn’t ready I did not want any religion. So, after several weeks working with her I knew what she confessed was what I wanted so I accepted her to lead me into prayer.

Then a fellow Terry which a very Jewish believer and one of my other coworkers Diana and I would study the bible. There were many things I read and didn’t understand. I would ask but the answer was for me to change which to me was impossible because I knew I couldn’t, rules and regulations not to eat pork, need to fast, to be on guard the government conspiracy, the end of times, the antichrist. I had read in the bible GOD is love and that the Holy Spirit would teach all things. I went to many churches seeking the truth, Baptist, Christian, Pentecostal, Mormon and Jehovah Witness.

I heard a preacher on the Spanish radio that answered some on my question which I knew were truth. I called the radio station and the only thing they had was an address. They had taken him of because they didn’t like what he preached. Well, I wrote to them, and the man’s name was Max, well they sent me some tapes which helped me on my search. I also visited them once but after a few months left because some messages were pretty harsh attacking Christians even though I was fed.

My next search was Pentecostal a lot of falling on the floor, hair on a bun long skirts, no makeup. If you’re not baptized in Jesus name you’re not baptized or if you didn’t speak in tongues you’re not baptized. At home I would go into one of my rooms like for an hour crying for the Lord to clean me and what was in me that he did not want me and why I didn’t speak in tongue to know I was baptized. I wanted a sign but got none.

Then it happened! One day my life changed! No tongue talking. No falling on the floor.

As a usual day I was just working setting up machines pulling materials at then I suddenly realize I had been in a place like for a half a second. I was pulled away from this earthly world and brought to this place, which is hard to describe, but I will do my best to describe it.

I was in a place whitest white surrounded me all over. I can say I was like the universe whitest white all around me and there was a LOVE that covered me like nothing in this world seems to exist. I know now it was a holy encounter with the true living GOD full of love so pure Holy, peace, joy nothing else, union of love nothing else.

Then saw myself from above looking down at myself. I was like a speck pepper and Love surrounded me all over only LOVE the universe of LOVE. Then I came back to this earthly world to what I was doing running the machines. I was speaking to myself saying what did I just see, but not with these earthly eyes.

Where did I go? I have seen the heart of my Heavenly Father!! Oh, my what gift what joy to know the true living GOD, Christ in me the hope of Glory. Glory means the light of God’s son Christ shining in me revealing the truth in me the light of GOD which is love.

Then I understood and realized that you are a Father that has only love for his children nothing else and that as you are Holy, so are we in Christ. I had been search for so long to find you I had been to so many churches, teachings, buying book, videos, music, tithing and being baptized but never could find you. I felt joy with the music, videos which help for just awhile then I was back again hungry for you again.

The battles I have had was not a devil it’s this mind that has been so damaged by how we are raised to believe in this world false teachings not just religion but also from this world. It’s not our fault but we have been redeemed through Christ he paid the price Christ died for all. I know now what it truly means. John4:19. We love him, because he first loved us.

I love you because you showed me who you really are. I could not understand what that meant I just heard it and read it until it was opened up to me in this vision I had. Lord you are too beautiful to see with human eyes or touch with human hands. Even if I touched or saw you with humane hand I would not remember after a while. I remember that day because from that moment on I was changed and did not have any question of how you really are. We all need to come to your feet to embrace your life to dwell in us to love like you love a love which is pure and never changes.

I understand now LOVE is what we are to become and this only happens through communion with you Jesus Christ in us. With this Faith and Grace comes. See the earth which all its glory plants, animals, people and so much more. There is nothing that lacks Love is energy which creates with Wisdom. Faith in GOD is Grace which gives.

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