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Trusting God

I just want to share these few small testimonies to the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Recently I was on my way to do some shopping and needed to take a taxi.The taxis here usually plays worldly music very loud. On my way I prayed asking God to send me a taxi that does not play this music. When I lifted my head, behold a taxi was approaching without any music in it. I needed to buy quite a few things so I asked God to let these items be marked down, and it was. Even the new Bible I purhased was cheaper. The gift I bought was marked down 50%. Nearly all the items if not all I found at a low low price.

Today I was on my way to the libary and I asked God if He would let there be certain dvds there for me and my children to watch. On my way the devil tried to sow doubt in my mind but I quickly brushed it aside and walked by faith. When I got there, these dvds were on the shelf waiting for me. I was so glad. Praise the Lord. Thank you Lord that you are mindful even of my smallest petitions.


  1. Flavia 2/16/2013
  2. Mary 2/19/2013

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