Praying Girl

Exam success!!

In May I made a post about how I passed all my courses except one.

I decided to review the failed grade. While waiting on the review results I was praying to God to change my grade and I had so much faith in him. The review results came out and my grade did not change and I was mad at God. I started a rebellion against God. Then I realised that everything happens for a reason so I stopped being angry at God and started praying that God guide me throughout the supplemental examination.

I had to rewrite the supplemental exam for the course I failed since I didn’t pass the review. The exam was slightly difficult. I had to answer 5 questions and I only managed to answer 4. I messed up one of my questions so I only had 3 good questions but nevertheless I was scared. I later realized that i messed up another question so that left me with 2 good questions. I started panicking but then I started having faith in God again. I had doubts but I kept the faith.

I wrote on a paper the grades that i wanted and everytime I had doubts I looked at the paper and tried to convince my self that i passed the examination and then I would pray. I was also worried because my analysis was very poor for each question so I was worried that she would have failed me for that too. I know that my paper had alot of mistakes and I honestly thought that I would have failed but by God’s grace I have passed the supplemental exam. I don’t know but God did it for me due to my faithfulness. Prayer helped me to get through this exam. I humbled myself before God I prayed. I know that God did not bring  me so far to leave me and I’m thankful for him everyday.