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Rain – The Biggest Miracle!

Praise the Lord, I’m happy to write this testimony today, I thought I would write one but every time as I got online Satan would tempt me to quit it or make me feel lazy but today, I kept it in my prayers to Jesus to give me the strength to fight against the Satan and write my testimony in glory of Jesus Christ.

Well, I’m from India, 22 years old, was born in a Hindu family, you know Hindus worship many idols like 1000’s of them, earlier as a child I used to worship them like my parents did, I would bow down before them and pray to brings blessings to my family but I was never really satisfied but I didn’t really care, as a teen my life was not to good, I used to be shy and didn’t have any friends coz of my shyness and I was kind of dumb lol since I didn’t have any friend I could rely on, I felt depressed and many a times thought of suicide, even thought of running away from home but never dared to do so, thank God.

As I grew up, I found life more depressing and I just felt like life was useless, I would cry bitterly at night to sleep and I had lost my self-confidence also those so-called Indian God’s 1000 of them never supported me, I was not satisfied with worshipping them so one day I got highly annoyed, yelled at those idols and became an atheist and was proud to be one, lol and became more egoist.

Well, when I reached 17, my life was just the same, I remember one day I saw Jesus’ picture on a newspaper, and it just attracted me towards it. I couldn’t resist to keep looking at the pic. I then cut it off and stuck it under my wardrobe so that my parents wouldn’t see it. I used to like talk to the picture. I knew he was Jesus, but I felt pleasure on taking him as my father coz I was not really close to my earthly father and we would hardly even talk. I was deprived of the fatherly love, though he helped me financially. But we didn’t share that special bond like father daughter love, so I was hungry of that love which I was seeking in Jesus. I looked at his pic and asked him to bless me with a friend, with whom I would feel comfortable and someone I can relate to or even get married to him, lol. I actually wanted a male friend to feel complete.

I prayed with less hope… months later, I found one such guy, a Christian and he had all the qualities I wanted in my man. We became best friends and he stood by me always. He was my world, my life my everything. I was so occupied with him that I completely forgot about Jesus, and I would just spend time with him alone and nothing else mattered to me. Eventually, he became my boyfriend. I knew this was to happen coz we really loved each other.

At 18, I finished high school and joined college of Engineering, there I met a Christian girl named Priya, who became my 2nd best friend. We shared lot of things in common and we were famous in college for our friendship. She was a devoted Christian, always talking about Jesus. And through her I got to know and understand so much about Jesus Christ that it brought tears in my eyes thinking how he died for us. I started to believe on it and felt love growing for Jesus, but I never really bothered to pray. Rather, I loved spending time with my bf. Time went on. 4 years and I was very happy to be with my two best friends, both Christian.

One thing fascinated me that ever since I reached 18, whatever I had desired for in my life came into reality. Everything I wanted, I received. I wanted admission in this prestigious college, and I knew it was hard to get in coz of my low %, but I got in. I wanted my parents to shift in Pune (city I love the most in India) my father for transferred to Pune within a year. I then wanted my father to buy a house in Pune and live there forever. They bought a house even when they had not planned to settle down in Pune. After my graduation I wanted my classmate and of course my best friend Priya to come over to Pune and live with me. Guess what, she is coming to Pune next month as her job got placed in Pune. So likewise, many things happened just as I wished, and I thought to myself maybe I was very lucky, lol. I felt like the happiest person on earth and started building plans for my marriage with my bf in future.

Everything went well for 5 years until 18th June 2010. One night I fought with my bf on a petty issue. The next day he had to leave for Australia. After that, we lost all contact with each other, absolutely no contact, no email no phone no messages nothing. I began to feel lonely inside. I would just cry and cry all day and night long.

One night I opened my bible which Priya gifted to me on my 21st birthday. I never really touched it before until that night. I opened it I prayed to Jesus crying out bitterly telling him I felt great injustice and I needed answer. I used to pray and ask Jesus to answer me thru the bible. He kept doing so I didn’t fully understand the scriptures, but slowly I began to get some ideas and each day I learned something new. I began to meditate on his words and understood how he answered my prayers. It was like Jesus talked to me directly through the bible. I understood every word he said in it, and he said it was his plan to set us apart (me and my bf). He brought him into my life, but we did nothing to bring glory to Jesus. His temple (us), lay in ruins so he scattered us, but he has promised a new life, and would fill us with his Spirit. He would sprinkle clean water on us. He would change our stubborn heart of stone and give us an obedient heart and make us follow and obey his commandments and then he would bring us back together and we would be able to rebuild the ruins.

One day I cried out so much as I missed my bf. Then suddenly I began to say GOD MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE IN MY LIFE (I was afraid of saying that before coz I used to feel his will would contradict mine), but this time I was like begging God to do his will alone, don’t know what prompt me to do so. I felt like my soul was crying to God and just then I felt the touch of the Holy Spirit for the first time in my life. My whole body shivered. I felt immense pleasure. I started to laugh and smiled. I was amazed to feel this sudden change, didn’t know what was happening. I smiled laughed and shivered at the same time. It continued for 2 mins.

Wow, something unusual, I just loved that feeling, cannot describe it in words. This is how I came closer to God and learned to obey his commandments, just love everything that he teaches me each day. Through my prayers I even found that whatever was happening in my life, just as I desired was because of Jesus Christ. He fulfilled all my desires, and I cannot stop thanking him for all that. He taught me to forgive others, to love everyone as equal.

God also revealed that he chose me to serve him. I’m a servant of God and that through me he is going to bring light to the nation. He has promised me the Holy Spirit anointing and many more things, which I got revealed through a sister filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus talked and showed her visions about me, and I got the same messages from the bible. So, it was confirmed. No wonder why I am the only Christian in my whole family generation. Praise the Lord.

So, it’s been like 4 months since I became a born again and I love Jesus Christ as my heavenly father. I feel complete and content and full of confidence for I have God with me.

I will share one more powerful testimony with you that happened to me about 4 days ago. It was Sunday, Sabbath day. I keep fast on Sundays and pray as often as I can, so Sundays are really special to me. So I sat to pray. It was around 4am. I was so eager to surrender myself to God and make me bring glory to him. I surrendered myself to God and waited for his answer.

Then I heard children playing and making noise outside. It disturbed me so I prayed to Jesus to make them play elsewhere so I can pray. Just then, within 5 mins it started raining heavily outside. How could it rain all of a sudden on a sunny day?

But I felt immense joy in my heart, my soul was happy rejoicing as if Jesus had sent that rain for me. All children went home coz of raining and I looked outside the window and my soul was crying happily. I couldn’t resist and said,


Just then, I saw hail falling from the sky. My soul was happy even more. I was full of tears, set down in my knees thanking God for answering my prayers. I asked God, if this rain is for me as an answer to my prayer, please mention the word cloud as I open my bible. I opened my bible and guess what it mentioned. CLOUD, RAIN AND HAIL!!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it. God talked to me!!!!! One last time I said, God if it is really, you then please respond to me right now and just then I heard loud thunder noise of clouds. HE TALKED TO ME!!!! Jesus talked to me, I shared it with a sister blessing with the Holy Spirit and as I was telling her about it, she saw a vision of Jesus pouring down rain. What a miracle it was. Praise the Lord, Amen!


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