Hiker climbing mountain - mentally free!

Mental Illness and Jesus Paid My Debt!

Hi all, this is to encourage you, to give you hope and to show the mercy of God and that the Lord is with you no matter the situation. I had made some pretty big mistakes that almost cost my life. I’ve known the Lord for almost 5 years, 5 years will be on March 20th, 2022.

I’ve been married for 8 years up until 2019. That year is where it all went downwards and left my wife and a child, thinking it was the Lord telling me to do that, but it ABSOLUTELY wasn’t. God is love. I was doing numerology.

Anyways year 2020 comes and I was afflicted with mental illness, fear, chronic depression, was on a furlough. I’ve done things that are an abomination to the Lord, and you should never do! Later in 2020 it got worse. I started hearing a voice (doctors call it schizophrenia). I almost died a few times. Then I admitted myself to the hospital where I lost my marbles. It was so bad; I couldn’t even hold a conversation. I even had lost the faith for a few months, I started living without God.

But the Lord’s mercy was with me. Was on some medications, but I know it was the Lord healing me, I started getting better mentally. He brought me back to faith around December 2020, the Lord had a mission for me, to preach the Gospel.

Lord’s mercy is truly from everlasting. My hospital stay was paid for. 2021 was a time still with many trials, but overall was slowly getting better. The Lord started showing His mercies more and more towards me and His goodness. He started to increase my faith: I had $5300 debt. And I believed He would pay it. In about 2 weeks, it was paid.

The Lord opened a better door for me to see my kids. Gave me peace and reassurance that things are ok, many times. Cling on to Jesus, cry to Him. Read the Bible, get to know Him. Don’t twist the words/meaning of the Bible. Every word in the Bible is the truth.

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