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God Helped Me Win My Battle with Meth

I was raised in a loving Christian home with my four siblings. Brought up knowing the Word of God and asked Jesus into my heart at Good News Club at the age of four. At the age of 15 I started hanging with the “wrong crowd”. I soon was pregnant. By the age 19 I had already been married two years and had three babies. My husband was not a Christian. I was divorced soon after my third child was born. By this time, I had put Jesus “on the back burner”.

I was introduced to meth at 20 years old by a family member who I was close too. That was all it took for Satan to get his grip tight on me. I had two babies while using. I thought I was different because I kept a job and paid my rent and bills. I was a ” functioning addict”. My walk with the Lord was nonexistent. I was lost in Satan’s lies.

My life slowly but surely spiraled down. I eventually lost everything. I placed my four oldest children with family and still had my youngest who was still a new baby at the time. I walked the Dark Road of IV Meth use for five years.

The very last time I put that poison in my veins I overdosed and was unresponsive. That was when the Lord came to me and told me how precious I was to Him and He would not allow me to continue life on earth if I continued to make the bad choices I was making. He showed me my children’s faces and reminded me that they were His gifts to me and my second chance at life on earth if I chose to give my life back to Him.

I chose to live and quit meth and everything I lost was given back to me by my Lord Jesus Christ. That was over ten years ago. Today I serve Jesus by caring for my 87-year-old grandmother and am a Grandmother myself to four beautiful little girls. My heart’s desire is to help other mothers with their struggles with addiction. I am living proof that with God all things are possible!!!


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