Man experiencing hope raising hands

Jeremiah 29:11

I am greatly comforted by all these powerful testimonies I have read. I am heavily burdened and cry deeply even as I write this now. I have always been an excellent student and by the grace of God I got admission to study engineering a couple of years ago.

But ever since I entered the university, I have been a very below-average student. I try to study all that I can but still keep on failing. Because of this, I couldn’t get close to my classmates because I felt they wouldn’t identify with my level of intelligence.

I have only a few friends in class, and I sometimes don’t get anyone to help me with my assignments. I find it difficult to tell my mother the situation because, I feel she would be so much disappointed. I have tried to improve my results, but things are getting from bad to worse.

Even today, I had a paper in the morning which I couldn’t write because when I went to the exam hall, I couldn’t find my name. I just don’t seem to understand what’s happening. I feel so disappointed, and I have been asking Jesus to see me through. Even through all this I still have strong belief that my failures can be changed to excellent passes – Yes, I strongly believe that.

But I need your prayers as well since even at certain times I wished I would just die because I couldn’t live with this disappointment. I have trusted God and I still am trusting Him for this miracle. I know he has bigger plans for me, and His thoughts are definitely higher than mine.

So, if you read this today and you are in a similar situation, I just want to encourage you that you are not in this alone. I just want you to be strong and know that IN ALL THINGS WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS.

Feel free to contact me at stephenarthur44 at yahoo dot com and I think we will have excellent testimonies to share together. The battle is the Lord’s.

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