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Stay away from New Age – I Owe Jesus my Life

I feel the need to share the testimony of what Jesus has done and some of the fantastic experiences I have been blessed with.

It goes back to when I was 21 when I had been smoking weed, doing drugs and getting drunk often for at least six years. I had lost my job and home and was sleeping on a mattress in my mother’s living room. I wanted a new life, and I started searching for answers.

Sadly, I chose the wrong path, as I came to learn later, diving into New Age beliefs and doctrines (Stay away from everything with New Age and stick to scripture. It sounds sweet and lovely, but it’s demonic.) and I had opened too many doors for the enemy to come in and take over.

Holy Spirit

One night I decided to search Jesus purely by faith because I had not read much of the Bible at all at that time. I searched with all my strength/heart, and after a while, the Holy Spirit came over me like a freight train.

I saw the silhouette of Jesus coming into my body and merging with my Spirit, and I was paralyzed with the greatest love and peace. It was the most beautiful experience. I heard a voice saying, “You have been reborn” and that is how I was saved. Glory to Jesus.

The Demons and Depression

Sadly I fell away from the path with Jesus because the demons misled me, I did not have any biblical knowledge or understanding to guide me, and I was not mature enough to realize what was going on. I couldn’t get myself to read the Bible, and I isolated myself completely from any form of real help.

I fell into depression, started showing schizophrenia and afflictions on my body (which are from demonic torment), and I dealt with sexual demons at night too. I would have given up the ghost had the Holy Spirit not been my comforter.

The Lord and the Angels

I struggled like this for 8-9 years after being saved pretty much sitting at home being isolated for all that time, but then the Lord came knocking on my door. I still had enough Spirit in me to hear it, I opened, and it has been the most fantastic experience of transformation since I have really dedicated my life to the Lord and repented of my sins.

I’m pretty much fully delivered from demons through prayer, fasting and dream deliverance working with the Lord and the angels assigned to me. I have been picking up parts of my soul in Hell through dreams as well which has given so much relief and joy! Glory to the Lord.

Anything is Possible with Jesus

Anything is possible if you have faith and understanding. It has been absolutely amazing getting to know Jesus, and I owe him my life. Thank you, Jesus, my Lord.

I hope this will bless someone if you are struggling with similar experiences. Trust and have faith in the Lord to deliver you! He loves you more than you can imagine and is mighty to save!

Martin: Denmark


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