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God Paid My Fees

Hi Friends.

I am Uday K John. I am a B.Sc Graduate from Hyderabad, India. In 2010, I had the desire to study MBA. I was working too at that time. So, I was saving money to pay my MBA fees the following year.

I had one year left to prepare for the entrance and join the college because of which I left my employment too. As days were going by and as I was saving money, there was a thought which came to me. The thought said whether I could give away all the money to God and would believe for his providence and faithfulness. Immediately, my flesh spoke and said that it is next to impossible, and I can’t even imagine giving away everything I saved.

Then as days went by (at this time, I had 3 months left), I had a friend of mine who was just converted from a Hindu family and had been saved by the grace of God and his name is Mahesh. He told me that there was a pastor called Pastor Keith who uploads all his messages for free on his website so that the gospel could reach the ends of the world.

Hence, I started watching his messages online and God showed me some great things which I did not see for the past 25 years. In one of his messages, he said that God is a respecter of faith and not a respecter of persons. This truth of God touched me and was ringing in me all the time.

However, as Jesus wanted me to see the grace and faithfulness of God, He led me to obey the voice of God and I gave all my savings to the church.

Later, after few weeks passed, a friend of mine (rakesh) introduced me to his friend who is also aspiring to join MBA the same year. His name is Ganesh and he too is a Hindu convert. Jesus touched him and saved him. When we spoke the first time, Ganesh said he had difficulties in understanding the procedures of securing the admission and asked me to advise on choosing a suitable college.

After that, we interacted only a handful of times and only for few minutes only to discuss his queries. Finally, the day arrived when I had to pay my fees of rupees27,500 to join the college and it was the last day to pay the fees. Then unexpectedly, Ganesh called me and said that it was the last day to pay fees and he asked me if I was going to pay the fees. I told him that I do not have money to pay and instantly he said that he could lend me rupees 5000. But I said 5000 was too less for the college to accept and it was the govt mandatory rule to pay 27500 all at once.

However, I took all my certificates and was on the bike on our way to college not sure what would happen. However, Prior to this time, I would like to say that somewhere deep down inside me, I had a strong gut feeling that God would come to my rescue. As soon as I reached the college and inquired at the college for admission, the person at the college said that it would be alright if I could pay 5000 initially to secure admission and pay the remaining fees at a later time. At that time, my joy was full to experience God’s faithfulness and Ganesh in all his love, paid my fees.

However, Prior to this day, I was checking with all whom I had known for years for help and if anybody could lend me money. None of them were willing to help as God had already prepared Ganesh to come to my rescue.

Later after I joined the college, God blessed me with a wonderful job. I manage both my job and studies too. Having a job now enables to pay my remaining fee and I returned the borrowed money to Ganesh with 10 percent interest as a blessing and thanksgiving even though Ganesh refused to take it. To know more about God, Please check out ( for free video and audio.



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