Silhouette of a girl stretching arms in front of city.

God Was There the Whole Time

I wanted to share God’s love. It took me 42 years to realize that He has been there with me my whole life, but the realization of it has changed me, in all kinds of ways.

I had been abandoned as an infant, adopted by family, and always felt scared and sad. I suffered thinking I was unloved and alone for many many years. I had a baby as a teenager, and my church asked me to leave, and someone told me,

“You’re going to hell, and God hates you slut.”

All these years, I believed this…but God drew me back in last year, for real. And it has been a hard-fought battle laying all of my pain, all of my trust issues, my fears to Him. But He is so good…He has shown me that He was there with me the whole time. He was with me through all of it.

This has unraveled me completely. I am so glad He has shown me His love…real love. I pray everyone finds Jesus, because He is love, and His well is deep. He takes your burdens, your pain, your fear, and gives you peace and love in exchange. I just want to say thank You Heavenly Father. Bless Your Holy Name, eternally.

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