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From My Generation to Being Saved and Born Again in Jesus Christ

In my generation born in the mid 1990s I lived as my generation with all its evil,its ways, customs, thinking’s. Born and raised as my generation watching movies from Hollywood eating as the world, thinking as the world and living as the world till eventually sin has its consequences. Being in my teenage years not really having a conscious the bigger the sins I committed they started to have repercussions for them, and I started to reap what I was sowing.

At that time growing as the world and movies having such a huge influence how I thought while being raised one doesn’t realize that one of the devil’s greatest tools is movies and Hollywood. I wanted to imitate all the things in movies popularity, lust, models of the days etc. In my teen years I wanted many things like popularity and I got it but as the devil does, he gives you what you want then tries to destroy you with it so it ended up being a downfall so thru my teenage years I went through hardships in school and I drove myself from God denying him and got lost and started to call myself an atheist and believing all its lies even trying to disprove the bible.

Later in my 18 and up years I got that same thing again popularity and more but this time I was a young adult so consequences are bound to happen bigger. I dug myself in my own pit of sin and evil the devil using a relationship to torture me through mind, thoughts, and dreams. I was in drugs, immorality, in evil of this world a place I could not get out of and no matter where it followed me.

At that time, I didn’t know nor believe in God, so I didn’t know what it was. I got to the point that at any moment evil would at will put things in my mind, and in my heart a torment that was torture, I would see things in my mind like little visions terrible things of that relationship or imagine things that weren’t there and dreaming horrible dreams. I was being tormented by them for at will they would happen every day at any moment. I was miserable, depressed every day and the more I sinned the worse it got.

I could not stop sinning because I was lost. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know what was happening because I didn’t believe in supernatural things. I thought it was just something I needed to get thru but it never passed. I didn’t realize till later that it was the devil or his demons doing it something supernatural was going on and because I didn’t believe I was lost and the more I sinned the worse it was getting, and I couldn’t stop sinning because I didn’t know God. I didn’t know Jesus, but I lived as the world and did the things of the world I didn’t know right from wrong. Till I couldn’t do it anymore and one day I was forced to stay home I started writing for when I was a teen I liked to write about life and the meaning of things in it etc.

So, I started writing questions as in why is this life the way it is and why it is full of all these things that one can’t understand, of suffering, confusions, and more. Writing these things while I was at the point of not wanting to deal with life anymore so depressed and was done with life but sooner and later another hand started guiding my hand one that was unseen and little by little reveling answers to me without exactly knowing it but then I started realizing little by little that perhaps there is something grater then me, then all.

I started to watch supernatural videos and videos of the afterlife and seeing testimonies of people lives and being saved by Jesus Christ. So, I decided to see and pray and to ask a petition to see if he was there and I was granted it and said if the petition stands for two weeks that I would give my life to him and follow that path and when it was done it happened so, and saw that he really was there and heard me and so I did what I said I would.

Then after accepting Jesus Christ into my life and to change my and repenting of all my sins and asking forgiveness and for the holy spirit, I was born again in the spirit, I was freed and felt something I never felt before weights being lifted up free for the torment I was going thru and depressing and all the things that plague me and so my eyes were opened to the truth and the world that I am living in  and the things in my life and why they happened to me the cause of and the truth of this world and all it evil. I know now the grace of God through our lord and savior Jesus Christ now saved and a born again Christian.

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