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Brain Aneurysm Healing

I was the father of two with no health problems in the world as far as I knew, when all of a sudden, I felt a terrible headache start. Within a very few minutes I felt myself collapse to the floor like a bag of potatoes and my last thought was that this was it. I was nearly right. A short time later my oldest daughter came in the house and found me and called an ambulance for me.

At the hospital they had no clue as to what was wrong, until they ruled out a heart attack and they realized it must be my head. I had a big cerebral bleed caused by a type of brain aneurysm which was probably inherited. They said I had an “AVM” which hits younger adults and can be fatal sometimes. An all-day operation was called for but even then, death or extreme problems were very likely. My wife was a strong Christian and she asked individuals and whole churches to pray for me in the name of Jesus Christ. We both had faith, and we had prayed for healings for others in the past, but usually for relatively minor issues.

After the operation the doctors told her that I would die or be brain dead, but they all kept trying and people kept praying. The weeks after my operation were a real daze, and my mind can be seen as similar to a shattered mirror. Can it be mended?

Ever so slowly I came back, but I could not walk at all, couldn’t talk well, and my eyesight and hearing were down a notch or two. My big plus was that I never had my first brain seizure although patients of my type often had dozens of them per month and were given powerful meds with extreme side effects.

After two months I was allowed to come home, but I got in the house only with the help of two relatives, and I was weaker than a kitten. At this time, I had what I call after-shocks which consisted of a serious of problems like stomach, eyes, walking issues and after a period of suffering with each one, they would each fade away and be replaced by something else.

That year I applied to get my job back, and I got I back part time and later full time, and after more than a year I got back my driver’s license. The operation to the back of my head had messed up my facial expressions and it was five years before I could smile or laugh and be confident that others were seeing the expression I was trying to make.

I thanked as many of the wonderful people of very different Christian faiths, that I could locate, who had prayed for me, and you had better believe that I thank the Lord Jesus very often!! Praise God! I wanted to do something for others who were also very ill, and I started lists of those to pray for as I was prayed for.

Today I have my life back. and I can talk well and run some if I have to! The big change is my faith in the Lord. If you are dying, then don’t give up! Pray and invite as many to pray for you as you can.

You might get a miracle and have Jesus to thank every day as I do!


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