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Bell’s Palsy Healing

Hello People of God,

After reading a few of these testimonies, I have been led to share one of my testimonies. One night I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I realized that the water could not stay in my mouth as I was cleaning it. Yet, I ignored and went to bed. The next day was the same.

I could not feel anything on my left side. My eye would not close all the way. My eyebrows did no movement. My lips were lifeless. Then, I eventually went to the doctor and was told I had Bell’s Palsy.

I remember the doctor saying it’s at least 3 months before I see change but still was not a guaranteed. This meant it could go on for however long it pleases. Doctor says 3 months maybe. God said in 3 weeks. God rose in 3 days! I was fully healed in three weeks!

I am thankful and grateful for His healing until this day. It was physically painless, but it caused difficulty with eating and drinking. Be extremely thankful for the little things.

Stay in Christ,


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