Man undergoing MRI, technicians analyzing MRI data

Your Life Is Over

Healthy and vibrant until one visit to the doctor changed the whole ball game. Diagnosed of cancer of the salivary glands, a rare type, I was asked to go for CT and MRI scans to see the how far it’s spread. 25 mins into the 45 mins MRI scan, I had my healing. The minute I was put in the scanner I started singing praises and worship songs till the 25 min when my song was cut short by two voices in a heated argument.

My initial thought was the nurses, but hang on, these were male voices. The one voice loudly yelled,

“It’s over Sam, you have no faith. Your life is over.”

Then the other voice sweet and gentle to the ear calmly said,

“You shut up. Its not about his faith I already paid the price.”

He said to me, “Sam when I called Lazarus to life, he was dead. There was no way a dead body had faith.” He also said, “when I freed Peter out the prison cell, it wasn’t about his faith. He was sleeping. I paid the price.”

Wow, I hang on to this truth and long story short, both my CT and MRI scans came out clean to the amazement of my surgeons.

Jesus Christ is Lord.

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