Young Son Healed of Horrible Stuttering

My son was about 4 years old. He started stuttering horribly. I took him to a speech therapist. After she met privately with my son she met me in the waiting room.

She told me my sons stuttering was so bad that she could not help him. I left the meeting in tears.

She gave me the name of a specialist far away that I could go to try to help but she was not encouraging at all about my sons problem.

I called the exclusive therapist who she referred me to and she was very expensive and very far away.

I prayed immediately and there was a noble study on healing near my home.

I joined the church bible study that believed and taught healing. I went to the Bible study regularly and the team prayed for my son. I also prayed and commanded the stuttering to leave. I think I may have fasted as well. I was desperate to get help for my son. I think I anointed my son with oil as well praying over him in the name of Jesus.

The stuttering resolved itself. He started speaking normally and he was cured. The stuttering left and has never returned. He is now 21 years old and has a beautiful dies king voice.

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