My Brother’s Death Saved Me

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My testimony is how I came about finding the LORD.

God Is Worthy to Be Praised

About two years ago I was lying in my bed asleep when I got a phone call that my brother 23 years old was killed in a motorcycle accident. At the time it seemed unrealistic, and I couldn’t believe it but by time I got out of bed and went to wake my mother who was sleeping in the living room, I saw a police car pull in the driveway and at that time I knew that the phone call was true.

I at the time was 20 years old with a 10-month-old and was completely devastated. I went to the crash site and realized that when you die you leave this world with nothing but your soul. I went on for about 3 months in misery because everyone kept saying that my brother went to heaven, but I wasn’t so sure that he did because of the little knowledge that I had of God and the lifestyle he chose to live. I knew that when I died, I didn’t want to leave with my family wondering, “where I was” I decided to change my life around.

I was in church one day and after realizing the effect that my brothers death had taking on me, I needed to be released from it. I wasn’t happy, I cried all the time, I was taking frustrations out on my husband my life was going downhill. I went to the alter and can honestly say I have been healed from all the pain and hurt that was in me. Now that I’m a free vessel god does wonderful things in me and threw me. It’s amazing.

It’s weird; that my brother’s death SAVED ME and gave me a life that I never knew existed! God is my everything, I wake up thinking of him and go to sleep thinking of him. I preach, teach, sing, dance, all the above! and to think 2 years ago i didnt even attend church. God has done a quick work in me. And there is NO SIN in my life or allowed in my home.

But this is a lesson, pay attention to the signs God gives you when he is drawing you in. No one should have to lose someone they love so God can have their undivided attention!

God Bless. Stay Encouraged… God Is Worthy to be praised!

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