Through a Wire, Across the Country and Back

Hi I am 12 years od and some people might think that’s too young to do anything but have I got a testimony to tell today. See I go to this camp every year and its a place where adults can’t tell you your a kid you can’t participate or no this is for grownups. And ever since the first or second year of camp (this is my 4th) I felt that I was being called to be a missionary.

I figured out that I had two places that kinda stuck out to me. Africa and nursing homes. Anyway the one day came up when I went onto a site and met a friend. He lived in Texas and I lived in Maryland. He was apparently very popular in school so I thought he was very lucky, not knowing that I’d be proved wrong the very next day.

The next day I said hi and he said I’m sad. I asked why. he went on and on about how he wanted to kill himself and how his life was meaningless. Then I thought up to god and said yes!!! This must be my opportunity while being scared and sad for him at the same time.

I said if you really do have nothing else to live for, live for Jesus. he said you know I’m not a Christian and I said it doesn’t matter. he asked me if here’s a god out there that loves me then why is my life so screwed up.  I said I can’t tell you about how hard my life is but I can tell you a true story about people who had it worse than you and still had faith. so I told him the story of Hudson Taylor.

At the end he said that he had felt better and enjoyed the story. I was happy yet disappointed. Going through that experience made me realize if you tell someone a story their not gonna wanna get saved right away. Today I still talk to him and am still trying to get him saved.