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Will God Let Us Meet Again

Will God let us meet and to be together again or He just used him for me to be a Christian?

Hi everyone! 🙂 So this story is about a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. This is my own experience about my ex-boyfriend. Let me first describe him before i proceed to my story. He was born in a province somewhere in our country. His father died when he was like 10 years old that is why he had to live with his grandfather and grandmother here in the city where I live and studied at the school where I also studied so basically, we were schoolmates when we were high school.

He is a Born Again Christian and known to be very kind. He does not like to get along with girls and does not have any vices. He never had any girlfriend, never fell in love and never even said “I Love You” except for his mother, sister and other relatives of course. So, that’s him.

I’ll just describe myself too before I proceed to the story. I was a girl who was born to a devoted Catholic parent, but I never considered myself a religious one and never even bothered to follow of any God’s commandments, never read bible, does not pray. But I was disciplined by my parents to only focus on studies, not to hang out that much with friends and be a good daughter.

I never had a boyfriend for I planned to myself that I am going to have one once I already have a job. It was in my Senior year that I knew this guy. We were schoolmates for a long time yet did not notice him before. I did not know that he liked me before I even liked him. Time came that we knew each other, got closer to each other and we became couples.

It was our first relationship. I did not expect that this will happen so did he. He was the first person who told me Words of God. I was so glad knowing that he helped me grew my faith in God. He made me realized how prayers are really powerful.

But time came that we were tempted to sin. And it came to a time wherein we committed sins like violating the ten commandments and committing the seven deadly sins. After we have done those, problems arise, and we always fight. There were also times wherein he had problems at their house so his focus to God was lost. He did not go to the church anymore nor read bible and I was the one who was sharing him Words of God.

Time came that we broke up. So, during that time i prayed to God that he will be happy of his decisions, that my family will soon go to church together (we cannot go to church together because my mother is too busy working) and to know more about God.

So, all of that came true and I experienced how prayer is really powerful. I prayed again that my ex will soon become my friend then time came that He wanted me back in his life. He had to go to abroad because his life here is miserable (there had been fights between his family and relatives) and he told me to wait for him because he will come back for me and I was so happy because I only ask God for us to become friends, yet he blessed me of much more that I was expecting.

But then I think our relationship did not work again. I was praying before that our relationship will be in a good condition, but I was so impatient and angry at a situation that I want to call it off to my boyfriend and He did not want yet I insisted.

The next day I realized I was wrong and wanting to get back with him but rejected me. He said that our relationship is not gonna work anymore. So, the day before his flight to another country, he told me that he was going to see me. But then I had to attend the overnight prayer, but I chose to meet him instead of attending the overnight prayer.

To my surprise, he was not allowed for us to meet because his mother does not like me for some reasons so i just decided to attend the overnight prayer. We did not have the chance to have a proper closure nor see each other before he left. So I was praying and pouring out my heart to God. I was saying sorry for all the sins I have done including I and my ex’s sin. I was asking God that if given a chance that we could be together again I will no longer be easily angered, impatient and willing to let God be the center of our relationship.

However, whenever I prayed about my ex and I getting back together somehow, I feel that something is heavy in my heart, like something is stopping me from praying regarding my ex and thinking that it will not happen so i do not if it is my Holy Spirit stopping me or the enemy telling me that it is impossible. But then a month passed and no sigh regarding my prayer, so I thought the answer was a no.

So, I gave up and just prayed that my ex would focus on God and repent from his sins, and I am very happy to know that his friend told me that my ex is returning to his old self. And I was also praying for his family and relatives to be in a good condition. And I was also praying to move on, let go and accept our breakup.

We were already together since we were teenagers and now, I am an adult I cannot imagine that it would end up like this. I was thinking, what if we were not tempted, what if we put God in the center of our relationship maybe we’ll still be together by now. He was my first, I am his first, I thought that first and last would still exist today.

He is so far away, I do not know if he still loves me, impossible for us to meet again because he will be living there. Maybe God just used him for me to be Christian. I just want to move on. I admit I still miss him and love him because we like grew up together and been together for years. I lose hope that we’d be together again. I was even saying to God that I hope that I was a Christian even before I met him, so I won’t be experiencing this heartbreak.

I do not know if we will still meet but the good news is he’ll be having his vacation here during Christmas or summer break, but I do not know if we will still have the mutual feeling that we had before. But still I am thankful that I met him. He is a blessing from God.

If it weren’t for him, I would have not known God by now. I just pray to God that my ex will be in a good condition. It was a great love story. Love story written by God, though just temporary. But still God is great, and I know that He will heal my heart.

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