Praying Girl

Where there seems to be no way

My name angela from Ghana. I have really had an encounter with God  who really proves to me that he is always there for me. It all started when i went to the university and even before getting there was a heal.But by Gods grace i managed to get there.Things were not easy for me when i went there bcos in my fathers family i was the only one to attend  the university and b’cos of this i was really struggling with my enemies but i did not give them a chance but continued to pray and i have already told God that i will definately end and be the first graduate in my fathers house. My enemies were really at work and from the room that i found myself we were all christians and also made sure we studied well. But the unfortunate thing happened to all of us,each of us were referred in at least one paper. And in this institution when you reffered it becomes a disgrace to you with a whole of comments from students and also when you are reffered and you write a paper and and fail again then you will be withdrawn from the school. Look at me someone whom the enemies didn’t even want me to go the university and now come out as withdrawn but i told the lord that this is impossisle.During this time i was greatly worried and even decided to kill myself but i gave it a second thought that my enemies will be happy.

And so i went on my knees, fasted and prayed and wept bitterly and asked God to remember me some few friends were around to encourage me and advised me that God really lives. I adhered to it and started praying seriously for Gods intervention. The lord really seems to be real to me and he really makes a way where there seems to be no way. I am now a graduate and as i write to you now i have started even my national service with a company in which i was as well directed by God to be there. There lord seems to be so real and he really makes a way where there seems to be no way and this can only be done with you allow him to direct you and follow it up with faith. I am really grateful to the lord.

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