A Prayer. I Don’t Know What to Do?

Right, the way I am living is wrong at the moment, but I know I am going to get back to God!

Feel free to ask me why I am not living right, but while I have been ‘living in the world’ so to speak – I have met this girl, I’m 19, she is 17, and I have been with girls before, but I really get on with this girl – never met anyone like her, we can talk for hours, and I’ve told her a bit about God, even though I am not living a godly life at the moment.

I want her to come to know God, and for me to get back to God, because I don’t want her to go to hell! – Even though this isn’t a godly relationship, it kind of feels right. I do bmxing and I have been wanting for ages for my local skatepark to be fixed it because it is the lowest budget skatepark in the world! And now this really good one is getting built right next to my girlfriend’s house!

So can you pray that God will speak to my heart and her heart and bring us both back to God?!

My family (small family) knows God, but her family are really posh and rich, and drink and smoke and live the worldly lifestyle, so if it wasn’t for me meeting her, she would not have this opportunity to get to know God.

Her name is Decima (pronounced like decimal but without the ‘L’ on the end) and my name is Adam.

Someone please email me, to keep in contact with me, and to pray through this situation!

a.tasker at hotmail dot co dot uk

Or you could add me on Facebook as well – search Adam Tasker Leeds – I am wearing a blue shirt and a red tie in the picture.

Thank you very much for reading this.

With sincerity,

Adam Tasker


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