Praying Girl

Let Me Tell You What Happened

First I want to give glory to God who is the Head of my life! God is so good ya’ll. God is real. He is here and He will not let my foot slip. Indeed, He who watches over me will not sleep. He is my fortress and my protector. In His name, I will trust. I asked God for a sign and He gave it to me.

Let me tell you how I know God is walking with me in my time of trouble. I have been praying really hard for God to intervene in my life, my home, and my husband. I’m in a very toxic situation. I hit a low this week where I became discouraged and depressed so I sorta pulled back from praying and reading the bible. I felt like my prayers weren’t going anywhere.

Out of nowhere this guy I’ve been with in past called me and wanted to “spend time” and I knew what his definition of “spend time” meant. I was so depressed, sad, and vulnerable I said yes to a date. The whole time I’m talking to this guy over the phone, my spirit is telling me this is a trap of the enemy, don’t fall for it.

I justified my spirit by saying “God, I’m lonely. I need someone to talk to. I’m in control, I will not let it get physical”. But I really knew this was a bad idea but because I felt so low, I just wanted to feel special for one day. So I decided I was going to SIN with this guy. I was going to do it even though I knew it was wrong.

In the midst of my disobedience to God, I prayed and said “Lord my flesh is super super weak right now and I don’t want to fall into the enemy’s trap. Please do not let me fall into the trap.” As I continued to talk to this guy on the phone, I could tell he was not interested in getting to know me but was very much interested in sleeping with me (sign#1).

But I kept pushing for us to go on a lunch date to get to know each other because I wanted to get all dressed up and feel special.

So I woke up that day READY TO SIN. I got my hair, nails, eyes, and I got new clothes and everything. Although I’m all in for going out with this dude, I’m praying God would not allow the date to actually happen. And God started answering my prayers that quick.

First this man text me 1 hour before the date to change the meeting time because he has to take his kids somewhere (sign#2).

Next, he text me 25 minutes before the new time to tell me he is waiting on his kids’ mother to pick them up (sign#3 he is lying about something).

So I said okay! At this point, I decided to turn the car around and drive back home. I was completely turned off by his actions because I can tell he didn’t put the same efforts into seeing me because I cleared my schedule. I told him prior to the date, I would not be getting into any physical stuff because I’m trying to get close to God. He tried to convince me to allow myself to be free and whatever happens, happen (sign#4, he is not a man of God, could care less about my spiritual life BUT I knew all of that).

A few minutes later he text me to tell me he was on his way, I said oh great. So we got to the restaurant and He didn’t want to wait for a table. He kept looking around like he was afraid someone would see him. He rushed the ordering process. He was on the phone the entire time. He ate his food really fast and asked to leave the restaurant while I was still in the middle of eating my food. So we started walking out, I asked him

“Where are you rushing to?”

He said,


His kids were waiting for him. It was at that moment where I realized that this man was not worth my soul.

Needless to say it was the worst experience ever and I seriously had no business being there in the first place. I’m so grateful to God because in my disobedience, He was there with me, trying to show me that this was a bad bad idea. I’m so grateful God allowed this situation to bomb because I now know to keep praying because God is faithful. He is mighty and He will bless me with the right person, and when that happens, everything will be just fine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony.

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