Teen boy thinking about God, relationships and friends.

What Do I Do?

I need help.

I am a teen who lives on an island. On this island there aren’t a lot of teen Christians. You usually get made fun for being one.

On the start of 2023 I repented for everything, and I promised to not go to my old life. I started praying and reading the bible more and then suddenly I stopped. I felt my spirit dying and I started back but down in December I lost myself again and went back to my old life now.

I feel ashamed and I have a heavy shoulder like I have a big bag of burden on my back. I repented and begged God to forgive me. But I still feel this burden, all because I wanted to be a Christian but also wanted to fit in with my friends.

What do I do?


  1. Sunday Akodu 1/1/2024
  2. Emory 1/1/2024
  3. Mateo 1/2/2024

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