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Weird Dream

Hi, I am wondering if any of you can help me understand this. Maybe God, will prompt someone with what this means.

I had a dream about someone I was in a relationship with. It did not end well, and the person was turning to satanism, porno web sites and so forth. I had started doing warfare prayers at night before going to bed. Even while I was with the person I rarely had dreams about anything related to us.

In the dream I was in a house, what they call Dutch Colonial here. It was not terribly run down, nor elaborately furnished. There was an enclosed porch attached to the house. Also part of the architecture that is common here. It was winter so the front door leading to the porch was closed. I was wandering around the house. I met a woman who was in the house. She seemed quiet, but sneaky, I was “sweet” to her, and complimented her. She simply smiled with her eyes downcast. Before all of this happened, somehow after I was in the house, don’t recall myself walking in actually, a number of beautiful, but vicious wolves attacked the door. They could not get in and attack me, and even though I was alarmed, I started wondering around the house. It was when I came across the woman, who was in what appeared to be the kitchen. I knew she was involved with my ex, and I also felt leary of her. I was afraid, and knew my ex would show up. He did, I did not actually see him walk in the door, but suddenly he was there, and looking at me with extreme hatred and contempt.

A Christian friend said the dream was probably warning me to stay away from him. I have no contact with him. I sensed a lot of witchcraft, and occult, demonic spiritual warfare when I was with him. Specifically aimed at breaking us up. People around him hated us being together. He was not honest either. I sense that what I got from the dream was related to continuing warfare, and spiritual attacks being aimed at me, and the demons where mad because I was praying at night before going to bed. Any insight anyone has would be appreciated. God bless. Asia


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