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“Bibles. We Sell Bibles”

Hello! I have been wanting to do this for a while now. Tell my testimony. I really didn’t know how to start it or how to say it so I’ll give you some background information about me first.

I was born in Downey, California. that is a suburb of Los Angeles, California, on January 4, 1962. I got married in November of 1985 to a woman at the time I thought she was my soul mate. Twenty- two years later and five children we couldn’t stand each other. I came home from work to a restraining order with the clothes on my back and forty dollars in my pocket and ten days to payday. I borrowed money from every one I knew.

I would sleep in my car two nights and rent a room on the third night, shower and get some sleep. I did this for about three months, I was about two months into this and I was a heavy drinker/drunkard at the time.

I had been drinking whisky for two days and I woke up on a Saturday morning with a terrible hangover and not knowing even where I was. l got up and started looking around I was in a mall parking lot and I needed water and some Aspirin and I could look though the glass doors of the mall and a store on the inside I could see a stand-up cooler with bottles of water.

Now I was in bad shape I had a two day hangover and I was torn down for my head to the ground! But I headed in there anyways.

I wanted water!

I walked in and grabbed a bottle of water and there was a lady standing behind the counter and I looked at her and said,

“I need Tylenol. Where is it!”

She said with a stern voice,

“We don’t sell that here!”

And I said to her so just what do you sale lady!

And she said,


I looked around and I was standing in a Bible store. I couldn’t believe it. I must have had a stunned look on my face, because with a low voice she said I know what you need.

I said now just what is that lady? she said follow me she went down two isles and reached up and handed me a soul winner’s New Testament pocket Bible and said five dollars for the Bible and water I said okay lady.

I had just bought my first Bible. I left there went to a gas station bought me another bottle of water and some Aspirin, pulled out of the gas station made a right turn and about a half a block down seen a sign park turn right two blocks down so that’s where I went.

I started reading my Bible. Now I don’t know just how long I had been there but it was a while maybe a hour and a half or two hours. And I was reading and I started crying a little bit. And I was still reading and the more I read, the harder I cried until I couldn’t read any more. And I was crying like a five year old kid. I hadn’t cried like that in years.

After I had stopped crying, I felt like someone had lifted a boulder of burden off my shoulders and I felt like a million bucks! I was like I want more of this I can’t get enough! I was hooked on Jesus and started my walk of change! No, I didn’t change overnight. I’m still changing, and no, I don’t cry every time I read my Bible either but every so often it happens. And the only way I can explain it is it’s like the Holy Spirit comes into me and is mending my fences making me stronger where I’m weak.

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