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Wait For the Lord

I had a simple plan to become a lawyer. I knew that after obtaining an undergraduate degree in college, I would go to my dream law school in order to obtain a law degree. I would then successfully pass the bar exam. From there, I would go to another dream law school (this time in a foreign country) to get a Master of Laws degree, otherwise known as an “LL.M”. Hence, I would be a lawyer with degrees from two prestigious law schools, both here and abroad. I was so assured of my plan, that I didn’t even bother applying to any other law school once I finished my undergraduate degree in college.

Then, my plan quickly went to dust. During college, my grades were mediocre that when I applied to my dream law school, I was denied admission. I was so depressed. What will happen now? Should I apply again next year? Should I apply to other law schools? Worse, I have some friends who got admitted, while I was left behind. This really gave me a feeling of loneliness and self-pity.

I was even depressed and somewhat angry at those friends, thinking that I am more deserving of slot than them. I was so sad that during that time I turned to my bible. The word of God became my source of refuge. I knew that God made me realize that amidst all my planning of my life direction, I had forgotten Him. Yet he also promised in Romans 8:28, that He will makes things work for those who love Him.

As I saw my friends prepare for the start of law school, I would ward off feelings of jealousy and self-pity by constantly reading Proverbs 3:5-6, Trusting the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways I will acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Slowly, the feelings of sadness became a feeling of peace and calm.

Now, suddenly, my Mom’s best friend heard what happened and promised to help. She contacted her male relative who is a lawyer and who happens to be a graduate of that prestigious law school. He said that as the school year has not started, he plans to help me make an appeal as to the denial of my application. The period of 3 weeks waiting on whether my appeal was accepted was really nerve wracking. It was this time that Psalm 27:14 became my daily reading,

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.”

Finally, I receive a call, saying that my appeal was granted, and I would be allowed to enroll. I was really relieved and thankful to the Lord. This is where I truly realized what Romans 8:28 was saying. Because I took harder for me to get in, I was really determined to study hard and make the most of my law school experience.

If I had been immediately accepted, without going through the painful difficulties that I encountered, God knows that I would just continue my lazy study habits from college. If I had continued my lazy habits (which might have worked in college but certainly not in law school), I could have been easily expelled for failing grades. God knows that might happen and he saved me from that.

The difficulties that I encountered made me appreciate the blessing that I was given and to really work hard during law school. God saved me from taking things for granted. The hard work paid off and through God’s grace I was able to graduate with honors.

After a few months later, I was able to pass the bar exam and I am now a lawyer. Looking back, I am just so thankful of God’s guiding hand and how he makes even painful experiences work for our own good. I will never forget that lesson, knowing that whatever situation I face, He will always have a purpose for allowing it.

Now, I still plan to get a master’s degree in law from my other dream law school. This time, I am certainly involving God and praying hard for His guidance as I go about my application. God is truly good and deserving of all the praise!


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