People Sharing Christian Testimonies


i have somthing to share also, this vision i saw is some thing unusual but first of all i want to clarify to you that im not insane or suffering for some illnesess. i dont know where to start but then there was this vision january 9 2012, im a roman catholic o still live with my family , 20 years old , i got alots of vices but im on my way and keeps on pursuing to change my self and so i started to read the  bible day and night, i keep praying day and night. making some vows that would keep up my relationship with the lord jesus christ.

Then there was this morning, i woke up and do my morning prayer humbly asking lord to walk in my heart and show wether in my dreams or in reality, and so i woke up and pray. i breathe and the sun shines and blind my sight and so i move a little from left to the right side of my bed , and continue to pray. again , i closed my eyes (concious) then started to pray our father . and i was totally shocked! and make my heart beat, in my vision i saw a man with white robe standing in an open door like a tunnel and at the door theres a sky, i tell you the truth, i was shocked and concious and so i opened my eyes and i was like what!!! im not dreaming! and i closed  my eyes again and it was there! then i open my eyes again and went to the window and kneel and closed my eyes again. i cant see his face
because im at the back of him, and i walk through him and he turned back and look at me and i dont know why my head fell
down to his feet, and he goes near me and said ‘take heart, and dont let go for the kingdom of heaven is at your midst’ something like that. and when i try to look at hes face again. my vision was lost and backed to normal.

i just want to share this experience, btw i forgot to tell you that the sky i saw is not pure white. it looks quite reddish. thats all. god loves us. we must hold and make up our relationship with him.