People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Vision of the Bride

I saw this vision on the 8th of August 2006:-

Jesus and I were in the spirit on the Mount of Olives. Jesus and I walked down a street. Jesus showed me a house. A bright light comes out of the window. Jesus looked through the window. I entered the house. Inside I saw dancers in a big hall. They were dressed in white dresses, almost like wedding dresses. They all had tambourines in their hands. Their moves were exactly the same; no step was out of place. As they danced I saw beautiful rainbow colours coming out of their garments. Knowledge came to me that they were dancing for Jesus. I wondered who was leading them; since there was no dance leader. Knowledge came to me that the Holy Spirit led them and they were in harmony with Him. Each of them symbolizes a church. Knowledge came further that they were calling Jesus to come. I wondered why my church is not calling Jesus? One of the dancers said to me that my church is still sleeping! I immediately remembered the parable Jesus told about the five wise and the five unwise virgins. Five had their lamps filled with oil and it was burning. They were ready for Jesus. The other five had no oil; no fire and when they eventually got it, it was too late. Jesus said in His word that many would be sleeping at His coming (Luke 12:35-48; Mark 13:33-37). The dancers’ tambourines? The oil lambs, burning with fire? These churches are waiting for Jesus’ coming. Not only waiting they, are dancing for Him and they are also calling Him! They are ACTIVE for Jesus!

One of the dancers turned to me. She lifted her tambourine high up and it fell out of her hand, she caught it just in time, with her other hand before it hit the ground. Knowledge came to me that her heart is not united with the Holy Spirit. She is like a puppet. She is dancing and calling Jesus, but without real emotions or love. She could also be called, I think a luke-warm church. Suddenly knowledge came to me that I am sometimes like her! I am so sorry Jesus? I must always stay close to Jesus and be in harmony with His Spirit! It appeared as if these beautiful brides glorified Jesus. He looked happy and satisfied!

We went to another house further down the street. There was darkness in that window. I realised that this was a disco! No, I said to Jesus, I do not want to enter there! (Before I met Jesus I used to love going to disco’s, but since I met Jesus I never want to see that devilish place again.) Jesus said that I must go in. We walked in and demons scattered all over the place and tried to get away from Jesus. The people saw nothing. Jesus showed me a young man. I knew he was thinking of committing suicide. “Jesus, please give me scripture”, I asked. “That man is not going to listen to me, testifying about You?”, I thought. I heard Luke 13:11 -This women had a demon in her, Jesus laid hands on her and she was healed. What is the message? Jesus wants us to go out of our comfort zones and start praying for people as His Spirit directs. We should not be afraid, but in His Name pray for the lost and broken hearted. If someone would only have prayed for that young man, perhaps even laid hands on him, the demon who cause the negative thinking has no choice, he must go in the Name of Jesus!

Jesus, please help us to get out of our comfort zones and start moving into the streets and testify about You. So many people need You out there? Amen.