Victory in Christ over All Fear (Fear Part 2)

“You Have Not Received A Spirit That Makes You FearFul Slaves. Instead You Received God’s Spirit When He Adopted You As His Children.” Romans 8:15

The Lord is stronger then any fear. The dominating fear that went from terrorising, attacking, ruling/dictating my life is more or less completely gone. History. It’s so great it’s unreal to me that this for most people is the norm and just something simply taken for granted.

Being in a busy town, tons of people, this was unfeasible just a few months back. But it’s great. Truly great that I’m not appreciating how great it is. It doesn’t matter how many people there are in town or a busy populated urban area now. It really doesn’t. Praise God.

It happened as a process over months, but the horrible dictating energies of fear have lost to Christ to the point were I ask myself: was there any logical reason for this fear in the first place? And the answer is of course no.  Plus in addition to the actual physical fear dictating my life, there would be irrational thoughts for not going into town or a busy store. For example I would think on any particular day: “well that person might be in the store at this time and this and that might happen. so it’s just generally best if I stay in bed today.” That kind of mind-set and attitude.

Anyone know what I’m talking about there?

If anyone reading this ever finds themselves suddenly experiencing spontaneous fear that just comes straight out of nowhere for no apparent reason and starts attacking you, know that it probably is the demonic enemy. And I’ve known it for many years. And most of the time (for me at least) it occurs in social situations. Particularly urban, heavily crowded places. It would happen to me just as I would be getting ready to enter into a busy part of town, or go into a busy shop or anywhere were there is bustling activity.

And it would also occur if I’m talking with 1, 2 or more people in a densely populated area. These attacks would happen to me generally in social situations. But also happen when I’m in a busy part of town with plenty of people going about they’re lives. So I would be okay 1 minute talking with someone in a busy town square with many people going about they’re lives around me, then boom. Current’s of raw demonic Fear would start attacking me right out of nowhere.

The motive of these spiritual attacks in my view is two fold: to keep me from engaging in the world and stay in my house all day and mop. And secondly to attempt to use these attacks to show me up in social situations. So that I then hate myself, take it out on other people, and just develop a negative attitude and lose all positivity with any and all progress I’m making/have made. But the point is The Lord Yeshua is stronger then any and all fear and only in Him can you conquer this horrible phenomenon and all other problems like this for that matter. His presence being with me has always been a constant help when it would be a common experience.

I don’t think You can ever truly be free of fear outright. And it will still attack me at points in my life. But overall, when you know it’s stupidly and inferiority to God and His spirit of peace, it’s more or less defeated there and then. Just in being exposed to that truth. And as it stands now, the Lord has gotten more or less completely rid of it for me. Praise the Lord for this great victory and Freedom at last. Our God is truly a Good, Great God.

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