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Unfailing and Neverending Love

I want to encourage you and confirm you as to the love of Jesus.

Its a love that never demands, but freely gives to those who ask. There is nothing it cannot supply. When life seems meaningless and the drudgery of daily routine is getting you down, just yield to His love and enjoy His embrace.

There’s no greater love to be found, because it is the love of the eternal God. It is unfailing and never ending.

Even when our love grows cold, His burns for us because He’s the lover of our souls, our Creator and Redeemer.

You know, it has been said it was not the nails that held Jesus to the cross at Calvary, but His love for you and for me!

His shed blood speaks of that love being poured out that we may be brought into liberty in His presence, free from every taint of sin.

When doubts and fears enter into our minds as to God’s disposition towards us, we can be assured that it is unchanging because He sees us as those who are in Christ His Son, justified by faith, counted righteous and forgiven.

I want to encourage you in any desire you have to be evangelistic. My experience has been that God loves to hear the Name of Jesus preached. The hardest part is starting off and it is helpful to read a verse of two from the Bible. Once you have done this, you will feel even more foolish if you do not carry on and explain why you have just done so! I can guarantee you will receive a response. Yes, sometimes it will be negative (I’ve had eggs thrown at me – they have all missed!) but the Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword and you can be assured it will penetrate and perhaps years later, will result in repentance and faith in Jesus.

Oh, the appeal of the Saviour! A real man, yet the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. His love breaks down the hardest of hearts. I remember a few years ago now, a man in London coming up to me in the street and threatening to kill me. I spoke with him personally about the love of Jesus and he went on his way calmed and telling me to carry on preaching. Friend, Jesus is able to settle every question, every difficulty, and every matter you have and will ever have to face. Commit yourself to Him today, even if you have done so before. There is no one more worthy!

My life without the love of Christ would be unregulated and unchecked, like a boat without a rudder, but He is my Guide, the Leader and Completer of Faith.

I believe God would have us to appreciate life in all its fullness, not to be overly engaged with ourselves and our failure, but to be occupied with Himself.

He knows each one of us intimately and though we fail, He cannot. At times Peter thought he could proceed in his own power and quickly realised that he needed supernatural strength that was available from God. He walked on water to go to Jesus! He healed persons! He was bold in the face of adversity! He was prepared to die for the Master!

Let us look to Jesus today and live. Enjoy the boundless favour of the Father’s house. Enter in measure into what will be our eternal portion – to serve God and as formed in love, united as one to honour the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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