Praying Girl

Unexpected Expectations from God

Hello, I am Clinton from Nigeria. Last semester I wrote my exams but I was scared of what my result would be like. I was scared of failing my family and getting carry-overs after my previous academic records at another varsity (A story for another day).

A few weeks back, our results were published and I got 4 As, 1 B and 5 Cs on clear standing. No carry-overs, no failures, all on clear standing. I wanna return all the glory to God who did this for me.

Finally, I am currently writing my second semester exams. I have already written five courses and left with three courses. Help me, join me in prayers for an excellent supernatural result, all As and clear standing if possible and a high CGPA at the end of this session. I believe with God everything is possible.

Thank you.

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