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I am new, and I have spoke with many people about my situation, and have gotten many different explanations, First off, Ever since I was young, I was 11 yrs old in a very spiritual foster home, and in the middle of the night I awoke and saw a Angel floating in the corner of my bedroom, I felt very terrified, and rolled over and covered my head til dawn , now many have told me that the Angel wasnt of God, cuz I was sooo scared, over the years, I have had many dreams, of people dying, of people and natural disasters, and always saw demons in my dreams, in a few dreams I saw a demon hovering over my body, can’t explain how it looked, but I wasn’t in my body, I was watching it, then returned to my body and opened my eyes and saw it there, this was in a dream, I also heard the voice of God asking me to follow him, and I am the same dream saw satan, asking me to follow him, they were fighting over, me, I choose God of course, I have had so many weird unexplanable dreams, As I am here today, Saw the 911 attack 3 months before it happened in a dream, I know I am very sensitive to spirits, and sometimes see them, my last major dream, I was walking to a apt, and stopped and behind me was Jesus in all his glory.

I was so scared to turn around and look upon him, that all I did was go to my knees and as I did, Jesus came to me, and I observed him, and when I got up I had the ability to cast out demons, No matter what tv show I see if it has anything to do with casting out demons I can feel within myself, every fiber of my being know how to do this, I have seen and predicted things, all my life, and to be honest this terrifies me beyound belief. I know that Jesus is with me, I pray all the time, and know my gifts he has given me, Sometimes when I read the bible it feels like I am there. I really cant explain it, but I have prayed and prayed for what direction to go in, For God to send me to a person who can explain all this and so far its not been his timing. I just really am looking for ansewers, and basically why me?

If any of this makes any sense to anyone I sure would appreicate any advice. I am not a member of any church and really dont know which direction to go in, there are so many churches in this world, and I can tell if it is a good one or not, for I have been to many. I am a Christian, And would gladly give up my life for God . Thank you for reading this and May God Bless you all, and May Gods Grace and Mercy be with you always.

Jacki Woodward


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