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Understanding Great Love

understanding love
could my mind even fathom
Your love which rains down as if it was spring
Your Word speaks life
I wake up and take a deep breath
full of the one who made me
Who restored my very essence
I use to dream waking up but now You are my every thought
when I wake up and when I lay my head
I know the One who watches me never slumbers
You never grow weary
My strength will fail me, I get tired
But he who puts their strength in the Lord will forever be fulfilled
for You are my strength
so I will put my trust in the One who holds my beginning and ending in His hand
Crafted me in my mother’s womb
All knowing of when I would fail Him
of when I would curse Him
of when I would doubt Him
of when I would put other gods before Him
of when I knew Your voice yet chose to ignore
of when I would turn my back to You
of when I would be addicted to things that were the opposite of You
Yet you still love me
Yet you still cherish me
Yet you still say “I want YOU”
Yet you still pursue me
Yet you still say there is grace here
Yet you still say there is forgiveness here
Yet you still say there is room here at the CROSS where I have paid it ALL
Yet you still rush to my side when i fall
when I push You away, You never leave
You just become quiet
Still observing
Still protecting
You were patient
even if I never acknowledged who was protecting me
You would still behave as if I loved you as much as you loved me
Lord I know it was painful
to watch me put things above You , so I could be fulfilled
even though You were the answer all along
Lord I know I hurt you
Lord I know I wasn’t living in a way that would please You
Yet you continued to be the still small voice in my heart
saying “follow Me, and I will give you living water, and you will never thirst”
So one day I decided to drink from this Well
One day I decided to take God at His Word
Now I will never be the same

Choose to drink from the Well of Jesus, and I can guarantee, you will NEVER thirst.