I Now Understand…

I now Understand what it means to be faithful, stand still and wait on the Lord.

I am the person who was giving up on God because I was failing some college classes. I am the person who wanted to rip off the bible but that same night when I cried to God accusing Him for not responding to me, He still made me kneel down and pray.

Some of you might have read them already and gave me really wonderful advice and upliftment. I failed Physics which means I have to retake it, I didn’t fail calculus, but the grade wasn’t what I wanted but I give thanks to the almighty. I have never searched for God like I am doing right now. Imagine if I was having all A’s, would you think I would keep in mind that there was a God?

The answer is NO.

I cannot tell you how much this experience has given me strength, patience, hope and courage to continue on waiting on the Lord. He is faithful my dear friends. As for now, I read the Bible in the morning and nighttime. I am just a typical college teenager who could have been spoiled and think that I was smarter than everybody and was cool, but God said no no no, let me teach you the way.

Although sometimes when I’m sitting in a class where I feel challenged, I feel like I’m being looked down at because I can’t give good answers, I just feel like I’m dumb, but I have told the Lord that grades should not fully define who I am and what I am capable of doing in my life.

The worst part is that I am a pre-med student, a sophomore and my pre-med advisor is telling me to drop my major and I told him no. I am a chemistry major, and I love it, enjoy it. I’m passionate about learning about it and this is it. It is just the Physics and Calculus which I am struggling with.

So far, I have taken hard 3 Calculus courses and the struggle I went through is not worth dropping my major in the middle of nowhere. I have told God that I will fail doing chemistry if I have to because this is what I love.

I can’t quit now and so many people have offered me help, I have started studying for my classes already so that I can go ready to ask my professors questions. I believe that the Lord has my right hand, and He is forever faithful. My struggles are nothing to Him and He is greater than them.

I just wanted to give thanks to the Lord because I have realized that it is all about praising Him, pleasing Him and following Christ. This world has nothing for me.

Since letting God be my helper, I have so much freedom in me, although sometimes I get worried, I have learned that the Lord is always here to help me. He does not sleep or rest, but He is with me in everyday of my life.

I don’t know how to thank God but I am a strong person and the Lord will reward me for being faithful. God of the God and Kings of the Kings, He deserves Praise.

Please pray for me that I continue to be strong and trust in the Lord. Thank you my family and God bless you all.


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