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Type of David


Somewhere in my life,about 15 years ago, I really started to feel that I am, in some sense, a type of King David of Israel! Now that seems to be far fetched ! How can anyone , especially a person like me, put myself in the league of King David!!! Just let me explain as to why and how I could ever come to such a conclusion! First of all, I’m not comparing myself to his character as the King of Israel and seeing myself as this wonderful person, I rather see myself in the part of which David himself was more than ashamed of!!! Since I was a child of about 10 -11 years, Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd) became my favorite part in the Bible. I memorized it and would often pray it aloud. When we slept over at places where there was no Bible to read, I would say  Ps.23. as a prayer.

The bible however ,reveals some of David’s very bad behavior – murder and adultery. But…wow …,the love and understanding of God Almighty, is far beyond what we will ever understand! God blessed David as a King of Israel , He gave him many promises and God also said … he was a man as to the heart of God! I always truly believed in God but… at some stage in my life I sadly disobeyed God many a time, and sow on the land of sin. I would then repent, “try” to walk in line but stepped into the snare again and again!

Now, it maybe strange for people to see this kind of repentance over a publican tool as this website, but if you repent and your sins come into the light , you take the stronghold out of Satan’s hands. The truth will come to the clear and then…the truth will set you free! We must learn – it is all about God and how we can serve Him!!! God, Jesus Christ, showed His unconditional love when He died on the cross so that all maybe saved! Therefore – it doesn’t matter what the world thinks – it really matters what God wants us to do! God knows my heart and He knows I’m ashamed of what I have done but…now I’m also freed from the slavery of lust and adultery – I am a new creation through Jesus Christ – the old is gone!

As a married man, I started to sleep around with other married women! Today I can share this openly because I’ve been freed from that lifestyle and I’m forgiven by Jesus Christ – I’m now happily married with my second wife for 18 years and by the grace of God I’m not on that road of destruction anymore. I truly believe that God washed away all my sins on the cross with His precious blood. As Jesus our God and Savior forgave my sins, no-one could ever judge me or harm me about my past. If He forgives, no human , no one may hold that against me! As the Word says – if you do not forgive other their trespasses , you will also not be forgiven by our Heavenly Father .
David lost his firstborn, after he planned Bathsheba husband’s death on the battlefield and committed adultery with Bathsheba. In some sense, my life reflected that part of King David of Israel. Despite of my sin and what followed, God showed that He is the faithful! My first child – a baby girl(the one and only child I would have had) died at 32 weeks during my wife’s pregnancy. My wife herself had an aneurysm of the main artery to her milt and the blood-flow was cut down to the baby, who then died. My wife was saved miraculously (all by the grace of God) he send the right doctor on the right time, with the right knowledge! The surgeon who was on standby,was a Christian as far as we know. He told us afterwards that he couldn’t remember where and when, but he read some information on aneurysms and pregnancy – that “some” information really gave the clear and direct answer on that day.(He later found the book and send us some copies.)Only 37% of pregnant women survive such an ordeal and the further the pregnancy was, the bigger the chances to die – she was 32 weeks(8months)!!!

They were losing my wife and the surgeon on standby was called in. When he rushed in, he asked 3 basic questions, which he could remember from that book and… with that knowledge, they were immediately guided directly to the right area and they could close the rapture’d vain.It was minutes before they would loose her life. God send that surgeon on time (the very minute) and gave him the knowledge on time – God is so GREAT!

The rest of “why do I “feel ” that I’m a type of David” will follow in the next Testimony. It is important that we all know – each and everyone of us, reflects some or other type of character or characteristics ,that is mentioned in the Bible. For example… those who serve our Almighty God in Heaven are “kings and rulers “. God entrusted earth to us and instructed us, to reign over everything on earth – the plants/animals and “welfare” of earth itself! We are created to the “likeness” of God and He said we have to “present” Him on earth! We must be His hands and His feet! So, have peace in mind if I see something of King David in my life!

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