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Tumor Testimony

Currently I am experience a plethora of serious health issues.  The primary condition I am dealing with at the moment was a rare tumor on my spine (Glory to God it is benign).  There were no obvious symptomatic signs, and since it is very rare why would one suspect it? 

After they did an MRI of my spine and I was being prepared to be whisked off to surgery as my family members began to arrive, I was reflecting on the amazing unfolding of events.  I had been having back pain for some time that had been said to be due to arthritis.  But then I started to not being able to walk and fell spontaneously 3 times in one week, something more than arthritis was obviously happening. 

In my reflection, I suddenly remembered that I had had a dream about 4 weeks prior that a large purply sack like object was being pulled out of my spine.  I remember how wonderful it felt at the moment. The dream felt so real and then I panicked and got out of the dream.  I shared the dream experience with the surgeon and he said he hoped that was how it would go.  And guess what, it is exactly how it went!

I have a long way to go, but I know God is with me every step of the way.  My spirit rejoices as I make progress in my recovery every day, and if my deconstructed body does not reconstruct, I know where I am going. 

I could not be at more peace even though I am in the absolute worst condition a person could be in; nearly every single organ of my body has been affected.  I have been so blessed with the care I am receiving and I am surrounded by Christ followers that seem to pour out of the woodwork where I am hospitalized.  I am completely aware that God is working out something in me and His embrace surrounds me with the people He has delivered to me during this time. 

I am truly enjoying experiencing a part of life that I never knew before, and it will be honor to serve Him to help others when I get out of this.  I sincerely look forward to being able to provide support to others from my experiences as soon as I am healed because I know my Lord and Savior is using me to fulfill some Higher Purpose.  Amen

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