Girl in Field

Trying so Hard for What?

Okay, I’m sixteen.  I have anxiety and I try so hard to just let it go, and it never goes away completely. Every time I am enjoying myself it just creeps back up and it overtakes me, and I can’t be myself.

Why would God let this happen to me if He loves me? I’ve grown up in a Christian home yet somehow, I still cannot grasp the meaning of my life. It seems useless.  I just don’t feel normal, and nothing is easy for me socially. I’m afraid no one will accept me, and I’ll be treated like a loser.  I’ve gotten help from a counselor, and it has helped alot but I get really discouraged if I get anxious and I get scared I won’t be able to get better again.

If anyone understands what I mean, please help! I’m so unsure of everything and I don’t know why I get so worried.  I can’t help thinking something is wrong with me. I just want to be happy.


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