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Travel Expenses Provision

A few weeks ago, before God’s provision, I told myself that I was going to write a testimony on His greatness, and here I am.

My cousin’s wedding was coming up (in October), and it was taking place in a different country. Early this year, when I found out she was getting married, I knew that I needed to make plans for attending the wedding, and was quite sure about it then. Around August, I lost my job, and my financially stability went downhill from there. I had lent a good friend a large sum of money earlier in the year, but circumstances made the payback delay. I still really wanted to go for the wedding, but did not know how.

I remembered God’s past miracles in my life, and although it was a struggle, I tried to be positive and prayed every day. Even with low faith, I still continued praying, and telling myself “God will provide”. So I started planning for this miracle; I created a budget and renewed my passport. I even started watching videos of the sites that I would see in that country.

A week before the trip, I still did not have enough to be able to travel, but continued praying. God then told me to ask for a loan from someone specific, which I would pay back with some of the money I had lent my friend once it hit my account. Some people would not recommend getting a loan to travel; I would not support that either. However, I had money, it just was not in my account at the moment. I started pushing the friend I loaned to get that done as quickly as possible, and asked the other friend for the loan, trusting that I would pay him back by the end of the month. He agreed, and I booked my flight.

I saw God’s hand in everything throughout that trip. My other cousin, who I was travelling with, offered to combine my little money with hers and cater for the trip for both of us, after which she would calculate what I owe her. She was not even aware that I did not have money in my account. I thanked God for this, because had I just been using my own money, I wouldn’t have visited all the places I wanted to visit.

As it stands, I owe my cousin and my friend money; and I plan on repaying that as soon as my money comes back to my account at the end of this month. It is such a burden, but I do not regret experiencing what I did one bit. I am trusting God that the money will come soon, plans are underway for that to happen. And I shall write another testimony regarding that in a few weeks, because God always provides if we have faith that He will.


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