Praying Girl

Tough Exam!

Actually the exam what I had wrote last week was like a picking up the hair in butter! It was not at all possible to pass the exam but I had told god before going to the exam that to come with me till i finish my exam! But the thing is I wasn’t having enough credits to pass that exam i was in the critical stage, how much critical means I cant explain that I need to pass that critical subjects otherwise I wouldn’t get the admissions for the next academic year, god knows this! Every time when I study during the exam I wasn’t able to grasp anything and my friends were also not helping me where as when I kept quite and stopped studying for the couple of mins, my mobile was getting some ring from the BIBLE app that I have in my mobile, there I got a word on that day

“for I am the lord your god, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I’ll help you”

at that time my weakness got strengthened and some voice was reverberating in my ears that

“my grace is sufficient for you.”

It was a result day yesterday, god did a miracle in my life again! Guess what??? When we have faith in god everything is possible! My friend told my result because I was not in a situation to see my results too! Thank god he told me that you had passed! What a mighty god our Jesus is, we people just take everything from him but we will not even ask a single word god what you want from me! Actually god wants us to glorify him! We want to glorify him all the time! He’ll show you what exactly is GOD’S POWER.