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Too Young for “Love”

Hi. I’m a 19-year-old lady and this is actually my first time to write here and share to the world my experience.

As most stories would say, I fell in love. That was 3 years ago. Yeah, I know. I was too young for that. But unlike any other love stories, ours was just considered as, somehow, a puppy love. For the record, we never committed any pre-marital impurities. We were just two kids who thought that love was ours.

However, things started to change when I found out that he has already entered a serious relationship… with someone else. I freaked out. I was so confused that time. I thought we were in-love, but it turns out that I only fell for his flowery words. His promise that he would wait for me after I graduate (which would be this coming June 2016) was still something for me… even though I know that I should not hold on to that promise anymore.

Until now, he is in that relationship with that same girl. I want to be happy for them and I am trying really hard. What I did to move on with my life was to focus on God’s promise for me. 2 months from now I will be graduating from college with a cum laude standing.

I believe He has better plans for me and a better man in store for me. Sometimes, life kicks me saying that I will never find that guy, but hey, I have a God who is bigger than my fears. I believe that Jesus is still doing the impossible.

So, for all the young people out there, just focus on the things that really matter. Don’t get too excited about love. Don’t get too caught up with the wrong people. Focus on your goals, focus on your studies, and more importantly, focus on God. He made me happier than ever before. To Jesus all the glory!

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