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Too Wonderful

I am a believer who somehow had a fortune to partake on God’s grace. I am still amazed by God’s ways in my life. God have proven me wrong on things I believe were impossible for me to reach. God placed a dream in my heart that made me excited and by a little step I took God moved beyond my expectations.

God will speak speak things that hardly believably to come to pass. Even today God does speak so.I know my job is to just agree with Him and what He says will come to pass. Now I am in a place/region which I never thought I would be at before. It was little step of faith that God moved more than I expected. God is really the Master of the universe. I really revere the Holy Spirit He really does wonders. I am short of words when it come to describing the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in my life.

I give glory for all wonderful things God had done for me.
To Him be the glory.

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