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Today I Accepted Jesus as my Lord

Before I met Jesus Christ, my life was full of heartache and loneliness. I always felt unloved and empty inside. I grew up with a large family in a small town in Texas, where everyone knew each other. My mom was a single mom raising 7 children and I was what you called the black sheep of the family.

I was really shy and timid, so I spent a lot of time alone. My siblings would always pick on me, call me names, and try to fight me. I felt defeated in my childhood because my own mom didn’t help me but instead made me feel even worse. The lack of love and compassion made me feel unwanted and led me to a bunch of failed relationships.

I would go looking for someone to love me. So, I got involved with anyone who took interest in me. I’d ignore all the red flags because in that moment it would feel good to have someone. But with every relationship I endured the same things I endured with my family lies, deceit, manipulation, verbal, and mental abuse. The only time they would ever be nice to me is when they needed money from me or needed me to do something for them. I felt completely hopeless.

It wasn’t until this last relationship when his guy was putting me through hell, that I decided it was enough. I ended it with him even though I was still in love with him. That’s when I decided to turn to God. Though I have always believed in God, when life was beating me down. I got frustrated and turn my back on Him. But I knew I couldn’t live this life without Him anymore.

So, I started praying more, seeking Him more, and thanking Him. I surrendered my life to God, and I don’t regret it one bit. Because the moment I put my life and trust in God’s hands, the heaviness in my heart and weight on my shoulders turned to peace. God healed my mind and gave me clarity, truth, and guidance. God forgave me for turning my back on him and even then, he had never left my side.

God was with me my whole life; speaking to me through my intuition, but I never understood that until now. For I am God’s angel, and I will always be surrounded by his love. I have shared many encounters with God. Before I had my 1st encounter with Jesus, and I couldn’t have been any happier to have his presence before me. So today I decided to show God how much I loved him and accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior.  As I wouldn’t be where I am, if I hadn’t given my life to the Lord.

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