To Be Contented in All Things And Wait Upon The Lord

Really want to encourage everyone to wait on the lord. Whenever things do not go well, do not go by sight, go by faith, and remember of god’s goodness, how he had saved you before in countless of situations. Do not forget of his faithfulness.

Whenever people who do not believe in Jesus get good stuff, do we complain or do we wait on the Lord?

There is no point to complain as it will distance you from the lord. Being angry with god solves no problems, and it will hinder god ‘s work in your life. Praise the lord, and you will see the miracle. Worship him and never stop asking him. Ask and you shall receive. Have a pure heart when asking, not out of anger, but out of desire to see his goodness again. Be relentless and have child-like faith to ask, he never turns you down. If he turns you down, he has something better. Ask him again.

He has a good plan for you. This plan, you will see it one day, and it will testify of his glory and goodness once more.

I have come to stages where I feel lost and feel distanced from God, but God is still there. He reminds me of his goodness in small things, the victories he overcame for me.

Recently, I heard a sermon and was reminded. Are we counting on our works to get things from the God? This only creates a fear of god out of obligation. God does not want that. God wants us to come to him no matter what happens.

When we know we are sinners, and when we know we do not deserve any of the good things he gave us, yet he freely gives us good things, that is when grace superabounds, and that is a miracle. If we think we are good and that god should reward us based on our good works, it is no longer a miracle when good things happen. Come to him as you are.


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