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Time for Chance

For the last four years I’ve had severe social anxiety. I couldn’t do the things I used to love most, things became obstacles instead of fun. I’ve lost a ton of friends, if hindered my relationship between me and my dad. I stayed so on edge because of the cage satan had me in. I would get aggravated because he didn’t know the pain in my mind and heart, no matter how honest I described it, I contemplated suicide for a long time, and up to the last year it more and more seemed like a serious thought, a way out. I used to get scared and talk to my dad about it when the thoughts started, I talked to him so much that I became the boy who cried wolf, the feelings grew over the years and the same words lost meaning.

I’ve always known about God’s love and mercy, my dad has been a preacher my entire life, I knew a little bit, bass t there was never much faith in what I knew, I believed it, but never applied it to my life. Here recently within the last month and a half I started reading my bible, I downloaded a bible app and read verses here and there through out the day. It’s powerful when I read verses that fit my life’s situation like a glove fits your hand. I began to pray more, and for the first time put some faith into it. I noticed almost immediately God intervening in my life. Some of my fears are going away little by little, and my faith is growing.

I’ve been wanting a job for a couple years now and never tried cause I knew how strong my social anxiety had become, but I was forgetting one thing, When I have faith not in myself but in my creator, I can win any battle satan throws in my path, I won’t get lost as long as I hold onto gods hand.

So about four days ago my sister text a phone number about a construction labor job, I reluctantly called it, with very little faith in myself. The next day I got a call saying I got the job, I immediately felt overwhelmed with fear, hope, anxiety, and happiness. I felt an old rust cage unlock for the first time and I knew it was god making a way for me.

Today I went and started my first day on the job. It went great, my boss seems real nice. I’m so thankful for His blessing me the way he has. He loves us so much. Whatever we are going through he will provide a way out, it takes patience and faith. I am going to work in the morning with a smile on my face, and Gods gonna be  with me. I’m in tears when I think about how things are changing, I feel God in my life. I have hope now. I hope this testimony will touch somebody. I love you all.

“John – 14.27: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”