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This Question Saved my Life!

This is my story. I was born into a Catholic family. Attended Catholic schools from K thru 12th. I was baptized as an infant, made my first communion at age 7, and was confirmed at 11 years old. Imagine, I can count the times I confessed my sins to a priest in a confessional on one hand. All I knew about Jesus was taught to me in catechism class and school religion classes. Religion classes were apart of the school curriculum throughout my school years. But I’ll never forget the person and the day I was asked a very serious question concerning my life. John, if you were to die right now, what will happen to you? I have never been asked that question before. So, I considered my life and had to give him a truthful answer. I could tell he was very concerned about my answer. My answer to him was one word. “Hell.” Then he asked me if I believed in Jesus. And he asked me to read some sentences in his bible that were underlined. I read John chapter 3 verse 18. He who believes in Jesus is not condemned, but he who does not believe in Jesus is condemned already. That’s all I read. That’s all I needed to read. He then asked me the same question again. John, if you were to die right now, what will happen to you? My answer was Heaven. At that moment my whole life changed. It was like I was given a new life. Born Again. I have never been so happy in my life. I knew I had learned something I had to share with my whole family and friends. I have never heard such a thing in my life. That scripture from the bible made me think about all my Catholic teachings about Jesus. That day I made a choice that was simple to make. I no longer considered myself Catholic. No one ever asked me to leave the Catholic Church, and no one even asked me to join a Church. It seems like the person (Ray) was just happy knowing that I was no longer going to hell. That was in the year 1977. I have since learned that I was saved by the Gospel of Grace. Grace is a person. His name is Jesus. Jesus took all my sins apon Himself and was made sin on my behalf and paid in full the penalty for all my sin. He died my death, and was buried. And on the third day He was risen from the dead. He was the second Adam. Alive Again. Yes, and He soon will return in the clouds. Come Lord Jesus! I would like to share with you a Pastor I watch on TV. DAYSTAR channel. His name is Joseph Prince of New Creation Church in Singapore. Thank You for letting me share my Jesus with you. Jesus Loves You very much.  How much?  He laid down His life for you.  Believe and be FREE.  John the one who Jesus Loves


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