People in Pain

The Third Strand is God

My husband from time to time has impotency issues. This puts a strain on our relationship and in the past, before we had married and were just engaged, I had responded by being unfaithful. These extraneous relationships were a source of anxiety for me and a source of pain for my then fiancé. They destroyed the trust in our relationship.

After repeated unfaithfulness I decided that I couldn’t stand hurting our relationship any longer and decided to marry my fiancé and strive to be faithful, come hell or high water. This was an act of faith in and of itself. When my husband entered another bout of impotency a few months ago I felt tempted to cheat. I began flirting with someone else, though I prayed that God would intervene and help me not to cheat.

I also kept praying a verse from Suffrages A in the Book of Common Prayer, Morning Prayer Rite I,

“make thy chosen people joyful”

in the hope that God would bring the joy back into our marriage.

After a week of praying God answered both of my prayers. The impotency bout subsided and the man with whom I had been flirting suddenly changed his mind and decided he wasn’t interested. This was a great blessing. Thanks to God, the third strand in our marriage, I was able to remain faithful to my marriage vow. It is clear that God has a vested interest in marriage.

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