Praying Girl

There is a God

My friends have no doubt that there is a God because he is real, you might be wondering why he hasn’t answered your prayer as yet but he will, just trust in him and watch for the result. This is my testimony, I am very ill and I prayed to God that he will deliver me and send someone to tell me that he will fix it, from then on I started to wonder if I must go back to school, I prayed one wednesday morning and I told God that I wanted an answer and I couldn’t wait until the next day because he is God, I said God I want a sign, I was going home that evening looking for a sign and couldn’t find 1, the Church I attend was keeping service and pastor was preaching, and I stopped, went inside and start worshipping too, in my heart I said I have come this far please don’t let me leave without answering my prayer, as the service was closing I said God are you really going to let me leave here without an answer and Pastor said: you must complete the job, finish it, finish the studies complete it, complete it.

I lift my hands towards heaven and started crying, because I know by completing my studies that God had a plan to heal me.

The same week on Saturday I was going to buy some past Papers for my exam, I said God was it really you who said that I must complete my studies show me a sign, when I went to buy the past papers the man gave me 2 free, and not only that I was at work the following evening and I sold somne things valued at the price I had payed for the past papers. Children of God hold on to Jesus he never fails, when all is lost Jesus can and he will fix it, if you believe, he has promised to fix my situation and I have no doubt that he will and when he does I’ll let you know. We serve a mighty God all powerful, all awesome!

Not a God of half way, but a God all the way, he’s able don’t doubt him, when all is lost take it to Jesus and allow him to fix it, even if he doesn’t come through for you praise him just the same he’s an untime God and he never fails, never! take my word Jesus is real and there is a God!


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