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The Tambourine

At a Christian camp meeting, in August 2000, I met wonderful sisters and brothers in the Lord. One of those wonderful people was a girl of eleven years of age. Her eyes reflected love, a beautiful daughter of God. Every time we met, we hugged and kissed each other. And so I felt I needed to teach her how to praise God in dance and in playing the tambourine.

She stood before me and I would play the tambourine on her lap. I expressed to her mum that she needed a tambourine and my wish was to buy her one. Since I did not have substance of money, I waited for a miracle and thought it would come in the form of money, but money did not come.

The next day, as we waited for the next session, the girl’s mother came to pick me up to go to the Christian shop in the camp to purchase the tambourine that I so much wanted to buy her. I had one problem, how do I tell her that I do not have as yet substance of money. I said whispering in her ear, “I do not have money yet.”

She said with such understanding, “I understand, do not worry. I understand.”

As she stepped a few steps away, the Lord rebuked me and asked, “Don’t you really have money?”

Meaning, as to say; “The whole earth belongs to me and you are mine, haven’t you enough? What belongs to me is yours! All my inheritance is yours!”

As it is written concerning the priests:

“You will have no inheritance in their land,
nor will you have any share among them;
among the Israelites.”
Numbers 18:20

Are we not kings and priests through Yeshua our Lord?
As it is written:

“And has made us to be a kingdom and priests
to serve his God, and his Father; to him be glory,
and dominion for ever and ever, Amen.”
Revelation 1:6

It is also written:

“But you are a chosen people,
a royal priesthood, and holy nation,
a people belonging to God,
that you may declare the praises
of him who called you out of
darkness into his wonderful light.”

So I picked up myself as fast as I could and shouted, “Wait, wait! God is going to do a miracle!”

So the girl and the mother went with me to the shop. We searched for a small tambourine for the size of the girl. There were none but the large ones. God has such humor, for not only were there no small sizes, all of what we could find were giant tambourines. So the mum and the daughter were disappointed and wanted to leave. I said to them, “Wait, do not go. God is going to do a miracle.”

I was praying while looking at the books, asking the Father where is the tambourine. A few moments later I heard, just behind me, a conversation of two women talking about a woman who traveled around the world dancing and praising God with such anointing. They said she was originally from Jerusalem. They spoke with such tenderness towards Jerusalem that I turned around to talk to them. I encouraged them for loving Israel and Jerusalem, the City of God, telling them that I am a Jewish Believer.

One of them became excited, pointed her finger at me and said, “I know why I bought a tambourine. It was for you!” I was so excited. I looked straight at the mother and the girl. Yet I thought in my heart, “may be the size is not the right size.” She then said, “Wait, I will go and fetch it.”

Astonished, the mother and the girl waited patiently to for what God had in mind. She then came back with a girl’s tambourine, white, a perfect size, with a form of a dove on it for ‘PEACE’ (SHALOM). I was thrilled to see what God had done! I asked the mother to put blue and white ribbons to it, the colors of Israel’s flag, to make it perfect.

I am so glad that I did not give up when I saw that small tambourines were not available in the shop.

This is the letter that I received from the girl, Elisa, on September 5, 2000.

Dear Marlene, Shalom.
How are you? I am great. I already started school. I am doing well. I like my dad teaching me. My family is doing great. I told practically everyone I know. I told them about you and my tambourine. My mom did what you told her, to put the blue and white ribbons on my tambourine. On Saturday nights is when we have meetings, the nights have been awesome. God has met us and I been playing my tambourine. You have been in my prayers.
God bless you. Friend, Elisa

Marlene Malachi
© Mishkan Ed
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