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The Story of how my Life could have Ended

i was a very foolish girl…. i was 16 and pregnate with the enemys baby. his name was danny and boyyyy were we inlove until i had his baby that is.. to make a long story short, i use to be a religious girl until i lost sight and let me tell you how my life changed when that happened.
i started doing a heavy drug called meth with my boyfriend. i told myself im only going to use this until i lose all pregnace weight. well i didnt i got so addicted it almost destroyed my life. it wasnt till long until my mom found out and kicked him out, stupid me i ran away with him to my dads house in flagstaff. where my dad only sent me back and left my boyfriend homeless i guess i didnt learn because i ended up running away with him a few weeks later to crack house…and there he almost beat me he even cornered me into a room so i couldnt get out but i did and i went home where he couldnt go and my mom still loved me and i was still welcomed. and i told my self i could never be with him again …. i guess i lied to myself i ran away with him again this time to his home state california where he ended up getting arested for not finishing his drug class. keep in mind that i still had my baby girl with me everywhere i went. so i went back home.. this time i ended up staying home for about a month and i ended up going with him to california again but this time i did it the right way my mom actualy knew… ofcourse she didnt want me to leave but i did it any way. i was in california at my boyfriends aunts house where i wasnt welcomed. we had to steal diapers because we couldnt afford any. we argued we faught we stressed. his family even wanted to kick us out… he almost beat me again and this time he took my phone from me so i couldnt call my mom, he even threatened to throw me and my baby out in the rain… i had to pretend to make up with him so he wouldnt kick me and my baby out, and i worked that whole night i couldnt sleep because i was so scared for mine and my childs life and prayed to god please please help my mom find me. please god save me ……. the morning my showed up at the house …….. and rescued me from this monster. now i have been going to church and i have been with out my ex boyfriend for 5 months, i live in a 2story house and i have a job . if i didnt give my life to god that night i would have been either homless or dead which in that case most likely dead…

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