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The Peace of Jesus

Reading through people’s testimonies is truly a blessing. Hearing how God has moved in your lives is so encouraging. I want to take a minute and share part of my story – At 42, my life had great excitement, huge success, but very little substance. I was a well-known fashion photographer and shot for Calvin Klein, Nautica, Christian Dior and more.

Outwardly, my life was full. Inside, I was running on empty. I found myself in a very dark place that I couldn’t escape. Lying awake one night, completely unsure of my fate, I had a visitor.

I distinctly remember the absolute presence of God in my room. He asked me if I wanted to keep doing things my way or maybe try them His way. I knew that I couldn’t get out of this on my own, and realized that it was time to try His way.

My life began to change. It was a difficult time – God had no intention of fixing it all at once. But over the next months (and years), incredible people came into my life, all bringing information that would reshape my life into the one God had intended for me all along.

In 1993, I took a break. After a while, I was blessed to lead the project called Beyond the Sport, the Victory Within which highlights some amazing athletes. I was also blessed to be reunited with my college-sweetheart that same year. It had to be divine intervention. She was 400 miles away and I had not seen her in over 21 years. We met in Pensacola, Florida in April, it was love at second sight. We were married five months later! Since Cheryl and I married, both of us have grown exponentially in our relationship with the Lord. He is the center of our lives and the One who has blessed us so.

That journey that started over 15 years ago led us to a place where we thought it was time we did more to spread the name of Jesus. That is where The Journey’s Project comes in – my life has been one crazy, blessed Journey, full of lessons learned. I started The Journeys Project with a vision to show re-create images of a 2000 year-old message within the context of the 21st century. Creating this project has been a journey itself and process where we have seen and experienced the peace of God. I wanted to share with each of you that there are certain free images you can get that I hope encourage you and bring the peace of God in a way you have never felt. You can get those images at

Thanks everyone here for sharing your stories and journeys… and for listening to mine. May God bless!

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