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The Miracle of Giving Birth

I experienced the power of God when I was pregnant.

I am a single mom, night after night I would cry, stress myself out because I thought I couldn’t do it alone.

But thank God for Jesus, he never leaves me nor forsake me, he was my help in times of trouble. At times I used to worry about where the baby’s clothes would come from, because I had lost my job early in my pregnancy, and I had rent to pay and other bills. But there was nothing that I worried about that God didn’t take care of!

I remember riding on a bus one day, I saw this man who’s hand was handicapped (it is customary in my Country that if you felt sorry for anyone with any deformity then your child will be born with that deformity) I began crying and God worried because at that point I forgot what it feels like to be sorry for someone, my sisters and brothers if the devil knows you are afraid of something, he’ll drive the fear in you to a point where you might even start feeling symptoms. In this case he just drove the fear in me, I cried night and day.

The devil is a liar!

My stepfather was in the hospital, and I decided to visit him, little did I know that God had a plan that day.

A man came to pray for my stepdad, I did not know this man and this man did not know me, but he said to me:

the Lord said to tell you to stop worrying yourself the baby is going to be fine!

What a mighty God we serve?

Sometimes we get a word and because we doubt God, we seek a second opinion but if God says it he will do it!

I did an Ultrasound, and my baby was fine.

I decided to stop worrying but then I started worrying about the pain of giving birth because I was told by friends that it was horrible, so I decided then and there that I want to do a C- Section.

One Saturday I woke up, I was eight months pregnant a voice said to me that I must make a move so I went to see the Doctor, when I went, I said: Doctor I am going to do a C- Section, he said: Miss C- Sections are very expensive can you afford one? I said no, he said your too young furthermore it’s your first child, no C- section; I smiled.

He sent me to the examination room where he was going to examined me, after he examined me, he said: you got your wish, you are going to have a C- Section!

I went to the hospital the same day they put off my surgery for the Monday because they said that the operating theater was full for Sunday, I cried out to God because I hate hospitals.

I said God I can’t wait until Monday please let them do it tomorrow, thanks be to God the next day they examined me they said prepared the theater for this lady she has to have the baby today! God is a way maker!

No matter what your circumstances maybe turn it over to Jesus, don’t expect him to fix your situation and once you are sorted out you go back to the same thing and the same sinful life you were living before! God is a jealous God! Have the fear of God in you because if you don’t when disaster come upon you, you’re going to need him again to deliver you and God will remember how you were ungrateful.

When you give someone something you expect them to tell you thanks, then why when God gives us deliverance, we don’t expect to give him praises and honour! (by honouring him I mean give him your life). We are living in perilous times, and we are living like the children of Israel!

I say this because sometimes after our deliverance we put God aside until next time we need him, it cannot work!

If someone was to do that to us, we would feel like we are being used! God has feelings too! sometimes we need to dress back and walk in God shoes! I say this to point out because sometimes we might not realise! As for me and my house I will serve the lord!

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